Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Showmance

US Weekly is reporting that LeAnn Rimes' husband is standing by his woman, tweeting: "I Love My Wife" after reports that she is having a torrid affair with actor Eddie Cibrian. Editor Peter Grossman from US Weekly was on my radio show where he broke the story that the couple were videotaped holding hands and kissing on a romantic dinner date at a restaurant in Laguna Beach. US has the footage on their website, they also have the restaurant receipt from dinner.........but wait there's more...............Peter told us that Rimes was seen leaving therapy carrying a pro-divorce book before heading to a hotel for a 3 hour tryst with Cibrian. After which Cibrian was photographed speeding away from the illicit rendezvous chewing a stick of gum.

So, how does this happen? It's a classic Showmance. Reports are that Rimes and Cibrian started their affair on the set of their upcoming Lifetime flick, "Northern Lights". We always hear celebrities describe the cast and crew of their TV show or film set as “like a family”. Well, you may be like a family but it’s a weird incestuous one when you start dating the guy playing your brother. However, when you spend most of your day on a TV or movie set how could you not carry it over into your personal life, especially if there’s a benefit to your career? Mr. and Mrs. Smith became a much more intriguing film when rumors began to fly that Brad and Angelina were real life lovers, especially since he was still married to Jennifer Anniston.

Regular people meet at work all the time, the difference is, we tend to have the same job for several years as opposed to celebrities who after a film shoot ends or a show gets canceled find another “family”. The Showmance can be real or it can be the mirage of a real relationship, for the benefit of the press. There are the actors who hook up for a short period, i.e. long enough to promote a movie they both star in. There are the stars who are trading up: B-listers borrowing a little of their partner’s A-list dazzle. While these relationships remain mutually beneficial the couple stays together, but as soon as the front is no longer necessary, the relationship fades away.

At first, you might think the showmance doesn’t exist in the real world but look at the trophy wife phenomenon, or any of the other relationships people enter into simply for social status or financial security—or even, to this day, marriages to cover up homosexuality or gender identity issues. Celebrity showmances meet their demise when they have performed their PR function, and from this we can take a lesson for our own lives: Relationships based not on genuine affection and shared goals, but rather on prestige and make-believe have no solid foundation.

They’re simply not built to last.