Monday, April 19, 2010

The Safe Sex Appeal of Justin Bieber

"...According to Cooper Lawrence, the author of The Cult of Celebrity, Bieber is unique because unlike most young male stars today, he’s embraced his boyish image: “Most young boys want to be rockers. They want to look like rockers and skate punks. (But) those aren’t the kind of boys that a young girl feels safe to fantasize about.”
...No matter how raunchy the pop scene gets, there will always be a place for teen idols, because they serve as “fantasy” boyfriends to young girls, said Lawrence. “These guys are great examples of the young pop star that’s OK to be in love with. This is about (the girls’) first experience in a romantic relationship. So they can fantasize having a crush on Justin Bieber, and his music, his image and all of that encourages it.”