Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Cooper Comments for E!

Cooper comments for E!

..."Narcissists really don't care that much what the other person in a relationship feels," says Cooper Lawrence, a psychologist who counsels celebrities. "Everything they do is in service to their own needs."

How does marriage fit into a narcissist's plans, then?

Getting married is fun, fool!

You get to dress up, and people look at you—all day long! For a narcissist, it may feel good to marry someone, and then it can also feel pretty good several moments later to have sex with someone outside the marriage, and we've already determined that narcissists tend to live moment to moment. Also, Lawrence says, "They may marry because they're in a profession where it makes them look better. Or maybe they want kids and don't believe in having kids out of wedlock. At least there's always someone there who can service your needs. Put it this way, why not get married?"