Friday, April 24, 2009

Turning on Susan Boyle

NBC is now talking about bringing Britain's Got Talent's unlikely media sensation-ugly-duckling-Susan Boyle, to America's Got Talent.

But what they don't realize is that America is already rejecting her. Tonight I am on HLN's Showbiz Tonight talking about how we've already turned on her. The pop culture machine conveyor belt is running real fast on this one.

Although her stardom can be measured by where in the media she has been talked about. Well, Showbiz Tonight, obviously, but South Park already has mocked her--Jay Leno talks about her in his monologue and she has been made fun of on The Soup. This is superstar status for sure, congrats Susan B! You're somebody.

But like all diva celebrities, we have to tear you down after we have built you up. Beware the fall of Susan Boyle. Since we found out that she lied about never being kissed we feel betrayed. We wanted her to be the pathetic, sad character out of a Charles Dickens' novel; not the real human being she is. We romanticize her as an untouched innocent who somehow hid from the world until now. It's the perfect movie plot line.

Then she did the unthinkable. Despite all of the surveys taken to ask what we wanted for her, she defied us by having a make over with a $20 hair cut and a $40 leather jacket. Now we are quick to dismiss her singing ability, feeling betrayed and yearning for her homely sad image.

Poor Susan cannot win. She was chastised for looking like a lonely curmudgeon, and now that she is trying to spruce herself up, there is Boyle backlash. My theory is that we project all of our hopes and dreams onto someone who reminds us of ourselves. So few of us look like Angelina...ok none of us look like Angelina! But you get my point, that Susan Boyle represents us and we want her to succeed where we can't. Yet the minute anything about her is a lie she is no longer us anymore. She becomes part of the machine that is deceiving us making her more like Angelina than we thought. Thus goes the Cult of Celebrity.

What has happened to the pop culture machine? Why can't we pay attention to one thing for more than a millisecond and not have to topple someone off of a pedestal that they aren't even on yet?

Susan Boyle has not even won Britain's Got Talent and we are already giving her the full Lohan.