Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tori Spelling and Why Money Sucks

The first rule is--ridicule or harsh words are forbidden on my radio show when discussing Tori Spelling, or as I call her, “my Tori.” I love her so much that I almost flew out to her Studio City, California, home when she had her public yard sale—until I learned that she doesn’t wear a size 7 shoe (my size) and I figured: What’s the point, it was her shoe collection I was after.

One time on the show actor Zachary Quinto came on to discuss his television series Heroes, but all I wanted to know about was Tori, since he played her best friend on her sitcom, So noTORIous and I know that they are friends in real life. I love Tori like a gay man loves . . . well . . . Tori, I suppose. I have never met her; probably never will, and I suspect that in real life she would not be seen with the likes of me—yet I defend her to the death. You are not allowed to say anything negative about my Tori. You can imagine how thrilled I was when Tori let us into her life with her reality show Tori & Dean Inn Love. Now I know private details that I may have missed otherwise. Well, here is the latest on the Spelling clan........

On the radio show the other night we talked about the Spelling mansion (as in Aaron and my Tori) being up for sale for a mere $150 million. If you read Tori's book, sTORI Telling, you know that Tori feels no love loss for that house and it appears to hold only difficult memories of what seems to be blatant emotional abuse inflicted upon her by her mother, Candy Spelling.

Now, I realize that this account is Tori's side of the story but after seeing Candy on 20/20 Friday night, you tend to believe Tori's characterization of a manipulative, cold, narcissistic (there's that word again) mother. Just to be clear, I don't believe that money is the cause for the riff in their bond but the vehicle by which Candy used to manipulate my Tori. I also want to point out that her upbringing has undertones of a complex mother-daughter relationship that many people can relate to. Although with her own book about to come out, the 20/20 interview reads as just another self-serving act by a selfish manipulative individual. Candy tells People Magazine:

"I don't see Tori and Dean anymore...I used to see Liam, but no longer. And I've never met Stella." She goes on to say that "she's not sure why Tori is angry with her" which is typical of a mother in denial.

She told 20/20 that she never read Tori's book. Her friends read it and told her not to, that it would be too hurtful. DENIAL. Any mother who wants to have a relationship with her daughter badly enough would want to hear all of those hurtful things in order to change them. It's Tori's side, and right or wrong, it's how she feels and that is all that matters. She also claims that she doesn't know where Tori and Dean live. With all of that money she could hire someone to find out. Or better yet use all of those multi millions Aaron left you for therapy to salvage what is left of your family. It's just another example of how damaging and dangerous having too much money can be. We look at celebrities and think its all so glamorous, and sure Tori did spend $50,000 once at Dolce & Gabana but I bet she would trade that corset dress for a warmer more loving mother, and I bet she would turn in her Balenciaga bag for one iota of support, and my guess is that her Rolodex of memories isn't half as comforting or as special as your parents made sure yours would be.